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Beyond WSA: High School and Alumni

Academe of the Oaks, our sister Waldorf high school, is located a short drive from the Waldorf School of Atlanta. Educating students in grades 9 through 12 since 2003, Academe of the Oaks is an independent Waldorf high school committed to academic excellence and guiding students towards meaningful lives. Academe engages every student in rigorous academics integrated with fine and practical arts and community involvement.

While the Waldorf School of Atlanta and Academe of the Oaks are separate and independent organizations, the faculty and administrations of both work collaboratively to further Waldorf education in Atlanta. The application process for students graduating from the Waldorf School of Atlanta is simplified to encourage a seamless transition from the lower school to the high school.

At Academe, students learn from experienced teachers who hold advanced degrees in their subject areas. With a low teacher/student ratio, the faculty knows each student quite well and can encourage him or her to work at the highest possible standard.

Classes at Academe tend to be experiential in format. Instead of using textbooks, students often read and discuss primary sources and/or conduct laboratory experiments to discover basic principles. For example, 11th grade students conduct the same experiments that Oersted and Faraday used to discover electromagnetism. From their observations of the experiment, the students arrive at general principles—not the other way around. Alongside discussions, class projects, and group work, students have intensive assignments that range from solving math problems to writing essays.

The Academe curriculum develops the life of cognition while encouraging students to think imaginatively. Each year of the high school trains a different cognitive faculty: in ninth grade, the powers of observation; in tenth, the powers of comparison; in eleventh, those of analysis; and in twelfth, synthesis. Within each of the cognitive faculties, the curriculum embodies an underlying theme to help guide the students through their studies, keeping in mind that each student develops at his or her own pace yet all students eventually pass through the same developmental landscapes.

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