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Movement has always been a means through which children learn. In recent years, educators have found that it is a critical learning component for all children and the primary learning style for many.

A unique component of the Waldorf curriculum from the beginning, Eurythmy is an artistic form where music and speech are expressed through movement and gesture. It is this artistic expression of language through story and verse that separates Eurythmy from classical dance.

In kindergarten and the early grades, the students explore aspects of music and poetry through storytelling. They experience geometry, spatial directions, coordination (both gross and fine motor skills), as they work together in a group. The students gain in strength, stamina, dexterity, and agility as they express themselves through artistic movement.

Beginning in the third grade, students start to work on individual movement skills. As students advance through the grades, the material becomes increasingly more challenging and complex as they apply aspects of grammar, arithmetic, geometry, music, history and many other subjects. While students develop memory, listening, sequencing and concentration skills, they begin to work creatively by developing their own choreographies.

The Eurythmy program is designed to support each step of the students' academic growth. The lessons reflect the work of the Main Lesson and reinforce the learning in other subjects. Each grade is met with age-appropriate material in music, verse and story, which increases students' intellectual, artistic and social development. By deepening their understanding of language arts, together with the performing arts, students benefit from the interconnectedness of all aspects of the Waldorf curriculum.

Our Eurythmy teacher is Laira Covert.

A native German and a Waldorf school graduate, Laira Covert studied literature and linguistics/foreign languages at the University in Konstanz. Inspired by her own experiences as a student and her deep gratitude for her teachers, Laira pursued studies in Eurythmy in Dornach for four years and received her diploma from the "Akademie Fur Eurythmische Kunst" (Academy for the Art of Eurythmy). She became certified as a K-12 Eurythmy teacher following a one-year pedagogical study program in Hamburg. Laira's work experience has included teaching Russian at the high school and college levels, and assisting in a kindergarten program in Madrid, Spain. She taught Eurythmy in Hamburg and at a Waldorf School in Milwaukee before becoming the Eurythmy teacher at WSA in 1995. Laira has studied folk music and dance from different countries and enjoys singing and performing with others. She is interested in the diversity and richness inherent in different cultures and their spiritual traditions. All of these experiences inspire her teaching. Laira is married to a former WSA teacher.