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Practical Arts

Practical Arts Overview 2015-2016

This year we have renewed our Practical Arts program for seventh and eighth graders. It will be divided into three sections: Social Inclusion, Gardening, and Hearts and Hands. All students will be assigned into a group, and each group will rotate through all three sections of the program during the course of the year. There will be two blended groups comprised of both seventh and eighth grade students and one group made up of eighth graders only.

The year will be split into trimesters. The second trimester begins 11/16, and the third on 2/22. At the beginning of each trimester all three groups will meet together for one class to review our work as a whole. Our first two classes of the year were dedicated to previews, team building activities, and student/teacher collaborative discussions about behavior and discipline.

The three sections of Practical Arts this year are Hearts and Hands, a handwork based initiative led by Lisa Roggow with Lisa Novak; the Student Action Team (S.A.T.) with Joshua Gartland, Brittney Jaynes and Silvette Bullard; and Gardening taught by Rebecca Johnson. Each group will be looking at social applications of their subject.

Another change to the program this year is that students will receive a grade for each section. The midyear grade will represent their first trimester work, while the grades for the second and third trimester will be averaged together with their first trimester grade for the their final end of year report. Grades for each trimester will be based on discipline, regular participation and a final project, which will take place at the end of each trimester.

Final projects will be specific to the topic of each group. In Hearts and Hands students will offer a three to five minute oral presentation on a handwork charity of their choice. The Social Action Team's project will involve collaborating in a small group to identify a social issue in a younger grade. The small group will then create a skit addressing the issue, which will be presented to the younger class at the end of the trimester. The small group will also be responsible for creating posters to be hung around the school to act as reminders regarding the particular issue they've addressed. Each student will be graded on their ability to collaborate in their group, on their posters as well as their participation in their presentation. In gardening, the students will work to implement a permaculture landscape design in the front of the administrative building. Each group will make a presentation at the end of the trimester which will explain the work that was completed and why.

Practical Arts Faculty:
  • Lisa Roggow
  • Lisa Novak
  • Joshua Gartland
  • Brittney Jaynes
  • Rebecca Johnson