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Vision, Mission, Values Statements

Our Vision

The Waldorf School of Atlanta embodies the ideals of Waldorf Education:
The sanctity of childhood
An abiding sense of wonder
An evolving quest for truth.

Our Mission

The Waldorf School of Atlanta develops in its students the will to become life-long learners by fostering in each student the ability to think with clarity, feel with compassion, and act with purpose in the world.

Our Values

We teach a hands-on, integrated curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and grounded in artistic and practical work to create an optimal environment where children develop intellectual curiosity, social sensitivity, and physical stamina.

We explore with students the beauty, possibility and resilience of the human spirit bestowing upon them the tools to become thoughtful, clear-thinking adults, able to act with courage and social responsibility.

We provide a safe and inclusive learning environment rich in natural esthetics, where the interests and strengths of all students are honored and encouraged through artistically expressed practical life skills.

We rely on a commitment from all members of the community to work cooperatively to build strong long-term collaborative relationships using open, clear and direct communication.

Childhood First.

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Experts in child development are now confirming what Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf schools, understood a hundred years ago: children learn both eagerly and naturally. Every detail of Waldorf education places the development of the individual child as the focal point. Our curriculum – rich in every branch of academics and enlivened with the arts and practical skills – honors children at each stage, nurturing their current capacities and preparing them for new learning to come.

From early childhood through high school, Waldorf classes go beyond routine dispensing of academic information. They also develop the nimble, humane, and discerning minds these young people will need. Our teachers steadily build each student’s individual capacity for sensitive engagement, original thinking, clear reasoning, and the ability to translate thoughts into action.
Listen carefully to the learning at Waldorf and you will hear the joyful sound of childhood taking its time.

Explore more in our brochure, Childhood First (below).