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Student Honors and Accomplishments

We are proud to announce that 4 of our chorus students passed their first All State Audition! The students are:
Asha Foley, Allison Goldberg, Lucia Reber-Viñas, and Laurel Zdan.
We are excited to share the news that 13 of our students will be auditioning for the All State Chorus - one of the highest choral honors a student can receive in the state of Georgia!
        Grade 7: Ariana Shah, Marlise Annis-Brown, Leighton Lingenfelter, Ella Macken, Julia Myers, Ellie Newborn, Laurel Zdan
        Grade 8: Asha Foley, Allison Goldberg, Lilith Johnson, Anna Mills, Lucia Reber-Viñas, Nathan Roye
Students who are in Grades 7-12 can audition for this event, which is comprised of two separate auditions.  The first audition is the hardest to pass; the students and our Choir Director, Brittney Jaynes, have been preparing for their audition since August.  For the first audition, each student must:
I.  Sing a Major, Natural Minor, and Chromatic scale 
II. Sing a required song from memory with intonation/pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, vocal tone quality, diction, breath control/phrasing, and dynamics. 
III. Sing three different sight-reading examples, with only 30 seconds to look at each one before singing it as accurately as possible.
MARCH 2018, Drones For Good