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Ljuba Blajic

Ljuba Blajic grew up on the magical Island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. He has always loved nature and the wonderful diversity of world cultures. As Ljuba progressed in the richness of life, he discovered his inclination to serve the children and a growing interest to work purposely with others to benefit humanity through education. After receiving a B.A in Religious Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Ljuba voyaged through India where he had the opportunity to work with children in village schools. It became clear that his dedicated presence had a nourishing effect on the children.

Ljuba learned about Waldorf Education from a close friend upon my return from the enlivening pilgrimage to the East. He became exposed to anthroposophy and closely related the knowledge about human evolution to his personal journey in life. Shortly afterwards, he decided to study Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College in New York.        

After receiving his degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education in 2002, Ljuba joyfully applied his strengths at Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten and at Shining Mountain Waldorf School. During recent years, Ljuba began joining his culinary talent with his work as an educator. He served as a Culinary Arts Instructor to children of the first through sixth grades in Berkeley, California, while also implementing local and nutritious diets for the children of local Bay Area schools. After relocating to Atlanta with his wife, he joined and assisted the first grade children of our school, supporting their holistic development. 

Ljuba now continues serving as Kindergarten Aftercare Assistant Teacher. He enjoys meeting all of you dedicated parents and getting to know each member of our honorable staff! As we all grow together in friendship and share an appreciation for the natural world, may our joy and interest in life-long learning flourish during each day. May our beautiful educational environment contain many shining and wholesome moments to enrich our lives!