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All State Chorus Auditions

Please congratulate our 13 students who auditioned for All State Chorus this past Saturday, November 10! The students who auditioned are:

7th grade: Ariana Shah, Marlise Annis-Brown, Leighton Lingenfelter, Ella Macken, Julia Myers, Ellie Newborn, Laurel Zdan

8th grade: Asha Foley, Allison Goldberg, Lilith Johnson, Anna Mills, Lucia Reber-Viñas, Nathan Roye
     All State Chorus is one of the highest choral honors a student can receive in the state of Georgia.  Students who are in Grades 7-12 can audition for this event, which is comprised of two separate auditions.  The first audition is the hardest to pass, the students and Brittney Jaynes have been preparing for their first audition since August.  For the first audition, each student must:
I.  Sing a Major, Natural Minor, and Chromatic scale 
II. Sing a required song from memory with intonation/pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, vocal tone quality, diction, breath control/phrasing, and dynamics. 
III. Sing three different sight-reading examples, with only 30 seconds to look at each one before singing it as accurately as possible
     If the student passes the first audition, they then move on to the second audition.  If they pass the second audition and prove that they know their music, they are then accepted to attend the All State event in Athens, GA in February 2019.  I am so proud of all of these students and their hard work!