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A Gift for You - Nov 17 at 8:30am

His talk will focus on how commercialism undermines children’s wellbeing, relationships, and creativity, and what we can do about it. Included very much in the “what we can do about it” is limiting screen time. He will also focus on how we need to deal with these issues as communities, not just every parent for themselves.  CCFC’s mission is to support parents’ efforts to raise healthy families by limiting commercial access to children and ending the exploitive practice of child-targeted marketing. In working for the rights of children to grow up—and the freedom for parents to raise them—without being undermined by corporate interests, CCFC promotes a more democratic and sustainable world.
As we enter a season of gift giving, we are grateful for the work of Josh Golin and CCFC in their movement to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers.   Please join us for this informative talk.