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Employment Opportunities

The Waldorf School of Atlanta currently has one open position.

The Waldorf School of Atlanta

Business Manager

Job Description


Primary Function 

The Business Manager is responsible for the financial management of the school.  S/he is the Secretary of the Finance Committee, reporting to the Administrator and the Treasurer.  S/he oversees financial planning and management activities that support the healthy day-to-day functioning of the school and provides support in achieving the long-term financial goals outlined in the school’s strategic plan.



The Business Manager must have a strong practical connection to the needs of the school’s students, faculty and physical property. Work in the position requires strong interpersonal and organizational skills, including sensitivity to issues of confidentiality as well as sensitivity to the emotional content of financial questions and issues.   S/he will ensure that the best interests of the school are upheld in all financial matters, aligned with best business practices. Necessary skills include:


  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Proficiency in fiscal operations, e.g. journal entries, payroll, tax returns.
  • Understanding of basic tenets of Waldorf education and openness to explore Anthroposophical approach to finances
  • College education in finance and/or accounting, or at least five years experience in progressive financial responsibilities.
  • Initiative and self-starter.
  • Ability to develop and follow through on both long and short term projects.
  • Ability to prioritize and work with others to complete tasks, e.g. Enrollment
  • Experience with Microsoft Office products, Quickbooks and database applications.  Desire and willingness to learn new computer applications as needed.
  • Ability to work well with people and interface with various constituencies in a professional and supportive manner.
  • Motivated, objective, and sensitive to the needs of a small organization.



  • Support the School Administrator in the preparation and administration of the school budget in support of the strategic goals of the school.
  • Serve on the Finance and Tuition Assistance committees as Secretary.
  • Monitor budget and cash flow throughout the year.
  • Review cash flow to ensure proper coverage of bills.
  • Monitor approved capital expenses and budgets.
  • Follow appropriate approval process before releasing funds.
  • Provide consultation and control function with a consciousness of operating, strategic priorities and budgetary constraints
  • Oversee all aspects of the bookkeeping and accounting operations, including payroll, meeting audit expectations.
  • Process and distribute monthly salaries and hourly payroll.
  • Make deposits into the operating and capital campaign accounts.
  • Write checks to cover invoices, payment requests, and reimbursement forms. Ensure approval from appropriate individuals prior to making payments, especially when distributing funds to parents, school volunteers, or outside vendors.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements.
  • Serve as contact to all banking authorities.
  • Review all General Ledger accounts periodically to check for errors.
  • Make monthly deposits into the 403-b retirement account.
  • Set up monthly recurring Journal Entries.
  • Prepare monthly statement of expenses for classroom teachers and specialists with budget.
  • Set up accounts for fundraising efforts by classes. Process all checks and deposits.
  • Provide financial oversight for the school store and fundraising activities, including, the Holiday & May Fairs, auction, and the school store. Deposit and write checks, and prepare reports to support these events.
  • Participate in professional course work in Accounting and Human Resource practices to ensure efficient and legal practices.
  • Review all Payroll tax documents quarterly and at fiscal year-end for accuracy and reconciliation
  • Prepare 1099’s as required at Calendar Year End
  • Prepare for review by Administrator and Board of Trustees  the required 990 Federal Tax Return at audit completion.
  • Support the Administrator in the management of benefits and insurance plans, including health, dental, life and disability.
  • Maintain relationship with insurance providers and agencies including knowledge of ACA in GA.
  • Provide information to faculty and staff regarding benefits and insurance coverage.
  • Conduct new employee intake procedures, including background checks and all required forms.  Renew background checks for 1/3 of staff each year
  • Remain updated on Human Resource Laws and protocols
  • Conduct annual review of the Finance Manual (in conjunction with the annual Audit) and make recommendations for change, as needed
  • Keep records of absences, sick days, and personal days for all faculty and staff.
  • Provide monthly status report to the Faculty Chair and Administrator
  • Manage tuition and aftercare payment collection
  • Assist Enrollment Director in preparing annual contracts.
  • Create annual contracts using TADS Tuition Management software
  • Manage the Extended Day tracking system, ensuring pre-payment has been made
  • Recommend ways to improve fund collection
  • Ensure that school records are held for all students with an outstanding account balance
  • Gather data and create financial reports to ensure sound communication regarding financial matters for appropriate audiences.
  • Provide monthly reports to Finance Committee of budget vs. expenditures.
  • Prepare financial aid requests for committee meetings.
  • Create and distribute financial documents, as needed, to the Board and Faculty.
  • Attend weekly faculty meetings.



The Business Manager is accountable to the Administrator and the Treasurer.  Close communication with all members of Administrative staff is expected in order to carry out the job responsibilities.  A performance review of this position will be conducted annually by the Administrator with a check-in in December.


Expectations, Salary & Benefits

This position is a full-time position, requiring a minimum of 40 hours of work per week. The Business Manager will be in the office Monday-Friday from 7:45 – 4 pm, including a 30 minute lunch break and will attend additional evening and weekend events as needed throughout the year, including a weekly Faculty meeting from 3:30-6:00pm on Thursdays. S/he is expected to devote additional hours when necessary to ensure that all objectives are met.   As a full-time employee, benefits are consistent with those outlined in the Employee Handbook. Salary for this position is based on experience and will vary depending on the overall budget of the school.


Our School and Community:

Founded in 1986 as a preschool/kindergarten program, The Waldorf School of Atlanta graduated its first eighth grade class in 2000. We currently offer nursery to grade eight education for approximately 240 students. Along with a robust Main Lesson curriculum, WSA students have instruction in Spanish, Eurythmy, Movement Education, Music (Recorder, Strings, Chorus, and Drumming), Handwork, Woodwork, Practical Arts, and after-school Sports Programs. Our parent/child program warmly introduces young families to Waldorf education. The school is fully accredited by four local and national accrediting bodies, and is a full member of AWSNA. Academe of the Oaks Waldorf High School opened in the fall of 2003, just five minutes from our campus. Our experienced and creative faculty works closely with an active and dedicated Board of Trustees and a committed and talented parent community. An established Core Faculty with years of Waldorf experience share a strong commitment to studying and working with anthroposophy. Our community supports a quarterly visit from the Christian Community priest, and branch of the Anthroposophical Society.