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Our Waldorf preschool and kindergartens nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity in the young child, while encouraging reverence and joy for the goodness of life. The warmth and beauty of the classrooms and the mixed age groupings provide an opportunity for children to play and learn in a home-like atmosphere. The 3-year olds (participating in a 4 hour/day program) and the 4-year olds are engaged according to their age and abilities, while imitating the mood, gestures and work of the classroom teachers (and their older friends). The 5 and 6-year olds develop the independence and sense of responsibility necessary to become leaders in the class. In the loving and creative atmosphere of the kindergarten, these young children acquire the confidence and discipline they will need for the challenging academic work of grade school.

The kindergarten experience is rich in storytelling, puppetry, song, poetry, cooking, and artistic activities. Crafts, handwork, games, and regular outdoor play encourage the healthy growth of the child's body. Toys, art materials, and classroom aesthetics emphasize natural, simple materials, encouraging the child's imagination. Through play, each child learns a broad range of cognitive, social, and linguistic skills. As in all Waldorf classes, parents are encouraged to minimize exposure to television, videos, and other media that might hinder the free and harmonious growth of the child.

Capacities children will develop in our program:

Social Physical Emotional
• Manners
• Gratitude
• Respect
• Care of others
• Listening skills
• Self-control
• Flexible thinking
• Fine motor skills
• Gross motor skills
• Coordination
• Self-care
• Competence
• Wonder
• Good habits
• Rhythm
• Empathy
• Aesthetic appreciation
• Confidence
Language Math Science
• Imagination
• Vocabulary
• Story structure (beginning-middle-end)
• Recitation
• Flexible thinking
• One-on-one   correspondence
• Counting
• Sorting
• Planning
• Sequencing
• Observational skills
• Sensory stimulation
• Snack preparation
• Nature walks
• Care of environment

Weekly Rhythm

Daily and weekly rhythms provide a familiar environment and support the children as they move wholeheartedly into play and learning. Each day of the week has its own morning activity. These may include watercolor painting, baking bread and churning butter, handworking (finger knitting, beeswax modeling, sewing, seasonal crafts), housekeeping (waxing, polishing, washing, mending), and making vegetable soup.

General Information

Hours of Operation

DECATUR CAMPUS, 827 Kirk Road, Decatur 30030

3-Day Preschool (Mixed Age) - Applicants must be at least 3 years old by August 1 * of year of entry

3-Day Preschool (Monday-Wednesday, 8:30am - 1pm)
(3 year olds attend for the hours of 9am 1pm)

Full 3-Day Preschool (Monday-Wednesday, 8:30am 3:10pm)
(Only students 4 and older can attend the full-day program; an Extended Day option is available until 6pm)

5-Day Kindergarten (Mixed Age) - Applicants must be at least 3 years old by June 1 * of year of entry

There are generally 17 students in this class with a teacher and assistant.

5-Day Preschool/Kindergarten (8:30am - 1pm)
(3 year olds attend for the hours of 9am 1pm)

Full 5-Day Preschool (8:30am 3:10pm)
(Only students 4 and older can attend the full-day program; an Extended Day option is available until 6pm)

* If your child does not meet the age requirement for enrollment, please contact the Enrollment Director to discuss options that might exist to enroll. All students need to be potty-trained in order to enroll on the Decatur Campus.

There are generally 20 students in this class with a teacher and assistant.

Extended Care is available until 6pm each day.

INMAN PARK EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER CAMPUS, 1015 Edgewood Avenue, NE, Atlanta 30307

2, 3, 4, or 5-day Nursery and Preschool (Mixed Age) - Appropriate applicants are 2 to younger 5 year olds.
The hours are from 9am 1pm for all students; Extended Day is not available.

This program offers flexibility in enrollment. Participants may enroll for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week. During the enrollment process, parents will choose which days they wish to have their child(ren) attend, Monday Friday. Children do not need to be potty-trained to enroll at the Inman Park Early Childhood Center.

There are 10 to 12 students present each day with a teacher and an assistant.

Faculty - Kindergarten Teachers

Sondi Eugene

Sondi Eugene was raised in rural New Jersey. She later moved to Louisiana to attend Grambling State University. Sondi received her Waldorf certificate in early childhood education from Sunbridge College in 2004 and she became certified in the Lifeways Early Childhood and Human Development Program in 2009. Sondi has been teaching at WSA since 2000. She helped develop and now teaches the Afternoon kindergarten class, as well as the Morning Garden Program. Sondi enjoys hiking, bike rides, cooking, crafts, and singing. She has two children, both of whom attended WSA since kindergarten and then the Waldorf high school Academe of the Oaks, before enrolling in college.

Annamay Keeney

Annamay was born in California and raised in Illinois. She attended Blackburn College, a small liberal arts school known for its student work program. She studied in Mexico and worked and traveled in Europe. Annamay received her Waldorf certificate in early childhood education from Sunbridge College in 2002. She and her husband are longtime supporters of The Waldorf School of Atlanta (WSA). She created and led the Morning Garden (parent/child) program for six years, and is in her 17th year teaching kindergarten. Annamay has taught handwork and crafts with children in both public and private settings. She and her husband have three children. Her two sons are both engineers and her daughter is studying BioMed at Lynchburg College. Annamay enjoys singing, sewing, embroidering, hiking, gardening, and laughing with her own children and her "school" children.

Annie Sommerville-Hall

Annie Sommerville-Hall has been teaching preschool/kindergarten at WSA since 1993 and taught in our Morning Garden program for several years. Born in New York, and raised in Atlanta, GA, Annie attended Georgia State University and the Southeastern Center for the Arts. She received her Waldorf certificate in Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College in 1998. Annie has been a teacher of many subjects, including swimming, art, barn management, horseback riding, and beekeeping. Annie taught art at The Friends School of Atlanta and had a Waldorf playgroup in her home prior to joining WSA as a preschool/kindergarten teacher. Annie has been married more than 30 years, and has two daughters, both of whom have graduated from WSA. Her oldest, one of the first graduates of WSA, received her Masters in Theological Studies at Vanderbilt University. Her youngest, a graduate of Academe of the Oaks, the local Waldorf high school is currently at Brenau University studying for a Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Karen Smith

Karen Smith was born in San Francisco but raised in a small town in southern Mississippi. Having older parents who were of retirement age, Karen spent her summers traveling with her family across the country in an R.V., visiting National Parks throughout the West and Midwest. Karen graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art, with an emphasis in graphic design. Prior to joining WSA, Karen worked as an art director at Turner Publishing, designing various kinds of books, including an elaborate display edition of the Bible which incorporated artwork from the MIddle Ages. Although Karen received her Waldorf teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College in 2004, she has been a kindergarten teacher at WSA since 2001. In seeking worldwide collegiality, Karen created an international Waldorf Early Childhood teacher discussion group on the Internet. The membership of the group continues to grow with over 500 members from 15 countries. Karen likes to cook, make toys, and work in her garden. Karen's husband is a graphic designer by trade and a guitar builder in his spare time. Their oldest daughter and grandson live in Decatur, and their youngest daughter is a WSA graduate and currently a high school student at Academe of the Oaks.

Emily Tremoureux

Emily Tremoureux was born and raised in Nevada City, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains . There she attended a Waldorf school founded by her mother. Emily studied in Denmark for a year before attending Vassar College, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Education and Drama. She received her Waldorf teaching certificate and M.Ed. degree from Antioch New England Graduate School. After two years of teaching kindergarten at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, Emily became the teacher of the first grade class in 2000 at The Waldorf School of Atlanta and graduated the class eight years later. During this time, she served as the school's Faculty Chair for three years, providing leadership to the faculty and the school community. Emily has two children, and enjoys singing and costume design.

Preschool/Kindergarten Assistants

Emily Chestnut Ashley du Pont Carmen Hambrick Jill Hendrix
Lisa Knight Heidi Parik Kelly Pins