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A Developmentally Based Approach

Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian educator and philosopher, founded the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. Since that time, more than 1,000 Waldorf Schools have been established worldwide, each one embodying Steiner's developmentally based theories of education, and modeling his pedagogy and curriculum.

Waldorf schools around the world are committed to these intrinsic principles of education:
  • childhood is sacred
  • children learn naturally and easily when a curriculum meets their specific developmental needs
  • children's imaginations must be carefully nurtured and protected from the encroachment of materialism and media
  • education must address the whole child—not only the intellect, but also the physical, social, emotional, artistic and spiritual capacities
At The Waldorf School of Atlanta, children are encouraged to grow and mature in their own individual ways. Learning is a dynamic process that engages students with a rich sensory experience in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Education comes alive in a curriculum infused with artistic activities (such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and handwork), rhythmic movement (eurythmy), creative writing, dramatic performance, woodwork, games, music, literature, and verse. Ethical values are nurtured in a seasonal, spiritual, and environmentally sensitive atmosphere of respect and gratitude. Imagination, supported by inventive play in the kindergarten, transformed into adolescent self-discovery, leads to independent and critical thinking.

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