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Leadership Team

The school's Leadership Team is composed of the following three individuals -

Sara Walsh is the school's Administrator. She joined our school in May 2011 from the Waldorf School of Garden City in Garden City, New York. The Administrator facilitates and coordinates non-pedagogical school matters, and ensures timely and effective communication among the individuals and groups in the school community. The Administrator works to draft, develop, and execute the policies and procedures of WSA. Through active participation in each group, she becomes the information bridge among these bodies. Sara Walsh serves on many committees, including the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Finance Committee and the Core Faculty.

Sandra Martin is the school's Pedagogical Chair. In this role, she is the primary contact for parents for issues that remain unresolved after a parent has communicated directly with the teacher. This includes questions and concerns about the curriculum, parent/teacher relations, and any other pedagogical issues that may arise. She represents the school at most public gatherings, and serves on several leadership groups, including the Core Faculty, the Planning Committee, and the Board of Trustees.

Emily Zdan is the school's Community Chair. The Community Chair works to ensure a healthy school environment by building relationships within, as well as outside the school community. The Community Chair brings the parent and wider community perspective to school leadership discussions and decision making. Listening and responding to parent questions, concerns and perspectives is an important responsibility of the role. The Community Chair helps to develop and promote community enrichment programs, and works closely with the Development Director. Emily Zdan serves on the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and Community Enrichment Committee.